Inspired by Nicholas Wade – The Faith Instinct

“Just as a vaccine may achieve what immunologists call herd immunity, by immunizing merely enough people to break a pathogen’s chain of transmission, religion can help create a moral community if enough people either are believers or behave as if they were.” – Nicholas Wade, The Faith Instinct


Take your pick?


Papal Fail Blog

These two cartoons were ‘inspired’ in part by this article from the bbc.

The one below came first, but I thought it might be a little too harsh. So, I tried again with some advice and editing.

Commentary appreciated. If I hear a worthwhile justification, I will even remove the cartoon, but more than anything I just think this stuff should be talked about. Let’s get these things out in the open.

Sharing a Joke with God

I haven’t really found my voice yet.

But I do find a lot of things around religion to be really, really funny. I’ve never understood why people take their beliefs so seriously that they would actually cause themselves pain, or intend pain to someone else.

This blog is going to be a series of attempts at finding the humour in religion. It is meant to help its audience with the spiritual journey. I wish you all the best in finding a definition to your beliefs that draws you closer to doing something good for someone else every day. I only hope to create a smile or two while we find our paths.