What rules you?

What motivations are truly worth your time, your identity, your pursuit and your worship? How do you react to situations you weren’t prepared for? How do we manage the paths that connect reality with imagination when we now understand we can connect anything with anything, thanks to the human brain and technology?

The language we use today reflects just how tangled our thinking has become. Like that one word in the first question – “worship.” Doesn’t it look out of place in today’s language? Think about how many assumptions swirl around a word like that. A single word like that is enough to stop people.

Layers of understanding pile on top of each other. And with each layer comes a new kind of resolution – the ability to see or express in finer detail what may have seemed obscure or blurry before. But new words don’t always replace the old. The past still stretches into today like old roots. The old ways of understanding linger and still hold authority for those not yet ready for the next season, the approaching horizon.

Playtime is still needed. Can we find ways to initiate billions of people into a global tribe? Can we share a story? And can we give the unknown the respect it deserves in our new explorations? If we answer the adventure, we may find a way.

Welcome to omglols.com – a new way to play with what rules us.